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The Advantages of Vinyl Windows: Choosing the Right Material for Your Region

When it comes to your home’s thermal performance, there’s one important factor you may be overlooking: your house windows. Drafty, damaged, or outdated windows could be wreaking havoc on your HVAC system by forcing it to work overtime to keep you comfortable indoors, but did you know some new windows might work better for your home than others? It’s true, as the region you live in influences which window options may optimize thermal performance. Worry not, though, as Preservation is here to help. We manufacture some of the most durable and energy-efficient products the industry has to offer, including vinyl […]

Cleaning Vinyl Siding: Preservation Siding Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Designed with homeowners in mind, Preservation Siding is known for being remarkably easy to maintain. This is largely thanks to the fact it is crafted using top-quality vinyl, a material that is exceptionally durable and less susceptible to damage over time. In fact, Preservation Siding is less likely to rot, warp, crack, or fall victim to insect infestation than other types of exterior siding. While this premium siding option is about as low maintenance as it gets, homeowners can follow a few simple steps to keep their Preservation Siding in top form for the long run.

Why Quality Windows Matter No Matter Where You Live

If you’ve done your fair share of research on replacement windows before committing to the investment, you likely have found plenty of information about how different climates impact window performance requirements. From features that keep the cold air out during frigid winters to ones that help a window resist damage from intense winds, windows are designed for homeowners in certain areas. Having the right windows installed at your home can make a difference on total cost of ownership. While the price of a window is not a direct reflection of window quality, it’s important to invest in durable, high-performance windows […]