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High-Performance Siding with ClimaShield

High Performance 2

Preservation Siding adds a visually important bonus to your home's exterior walls - energy efficiency. The Preservation High-Performance Insulated Siding System, featuring the exclusive ClimaShield® contoured foam underlayment, offers up to four times the insulation value to your exterior walls when compared to other common siding underlayment alternatives.

Exclusive ClimaShield®

ClimaShield with exclusive MPS technology puts the performance in Preservation High-Performance Siding. A unique manufacturing process ensures superior insulation and resistance to impact and weather.

  1. Individually molded profile

    Each ClimaShield panel is individually molded to fit the siding like hand in glove. This unique manufacturing process ensures that ClimaShield completely fills the hollow space between the wall sheathing and the siding, delivering superior impact resistance and energy efficiency.
  2. Molecular waterproofing

    Heat and pressure cross-link the polymer molecules on the surface to encase ClimaShield in a high-density, waterproof skin.
  3. Interlocking weather seal

    ClimaShield's shiplap profile creates a complete weather seal all the way around each panel.  As a result, your Preservation High-Performance Siding will envelop your home in a blanket of comfort and energy efficiency.
  4. Diamond groove drainage plane

    Exclusive drainage channels direct moisture away from interior walls.  Independent tests have proven it will not absorb or retain moisture.
  5. Insect deterrent

    Nontoxic and safe to handle, this proprietary additive discourages termites from nesting behind the siding, yet is non-toxic for humans and pets.
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Ordinary siding is installed over flat underlayments that provide virtually no support and little thermal benefit. This incomplete wall system is highly vulnerable to denting, bowing, sagging, noise penetration and air movement.

Preservation High-Performance Siding with the ClimaShield Thermal Support System is a complete engineered wall system that dramatically increases energy efficiency and offers protection against sagging, hail damage, wind, noise and mishaps.

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