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Preservation Siding Features and Benefits

Siding Ingredient Hero

Unique XTD™ Formulation

To ensure the highest level of quality, we start by carefully selecting and blending only the finest raw materials to create our unique XTD Formulation. Each of the ingredients in the proprietary formulation is chosen to enhance the overall beauty and performance of Preservation Siding.

UltraPure™ Vinyl Resins

The primary ingredient in Preservation Vinyl Siding is vinyl chloride resin, a durable, easy-to-clean material that won't rot, warp, shrink or swell. It's impermeable to rain and humidity; so it won't sustain damage from rain, snow, melting ice, salt air or the constant dampness typical of waterside settings. UltraPure vinyl resin is your assurance of a lifetime of beauty and quality.

Ti-Shield™ Titanium Dioxide

You have to worry about more than your skin when it comes to the sun. Daily exposure to the sun's scorching rays can harm siding too. In fact, it's UV degradation, not rain, that causes wood to develop a gray, weathered look. Ti-Shield titanium dioxide helps protect Preservation Siding from the harmful effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays - another way we ensure Preservation Siding is made to last.

StableMate™ Vinyl Stabilizers

Preservation Vinyl Siding doesn't need much care once it's installed. But during processing, the vinyl compound must be protected from heat degradation to assure utmost quality. Our StableMate stabilizers provide that protection. And once Preservation Siding is on your home, StableMate stabilizers also help prevent ultraviolet damage through thermal heat build-up.

DuraShield™ Impact Modifiers

These super tough, all-acrylic modifiers give Preservation Vinyl Siding Superior impact resistance. We don't advise using your has as a backstop for soccer practice, but you'll never have to worry about leaning a ladder against your home or other everyday bumps and dings. Nor will you have to worry about the hail, sleet or other small debris that bombards your siding during severe windstorms. DuraShield gives Preservation Siding the tough protection your home needs.

ColorThru™ Pigment Concentrates

Preservation Vinyl Siding gives you a wide choice of beautiful, popular colors. And the best part is, you'll never have the routine maintenance of staining or painting to keep those colors looking like new. That's because our ColorThru pigments produce uniform colors that go clear through the panels. Years of wind and weather won't wash the colors away. And all you have to do to restore the rich, like-new beauty is rinse Preservation occasionally with a garden hose.

Enhanced Thermal Efficiency

Preservation siding with ClimaShield Thermal Support delivers enhanced installed R-value. This translates into an energy efficiency improvement and added interior comfort versus ordinary vinyl siding.

More than Five Times the Impact Resistance (IR)

Preservation Siding with ClimaShield delivers and IR rating of 340 psi. That's five times the impact resistance of ordinary hollow siding.

500% More Breathability

With a perm rating of 5, ClimaShield is a "vapor breather" not a vapor barrier. It will not support the growth of mold or mildew or contribute to "sick home syndrome." Independent tests have proven it will not absorb or retain moisture.

A Quieter Home

ClimaShield reduces noise transmission and eliminates the "rattle" some homeowners experience with ordinary vinyl siding.

Resistant to Termites

ClimaShield contains PREVENTOL® TM EPS, a proprietary ingredient that discourages termites from nesting behind your siding, yet it is safe for humans and pets when properly used.

Added Value

ClimaShield is backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty that is transferable to the next owner of your home, adding confidence and value. Please see warranty document for complete details.

Preservation with ClimaShield®

Unique UltraBeam™ panel design. An ultra premium thickness for optimum performance ... built to withstand the test of time.

The UltraBeam design helps eliminate wavy lines and uneven walls, and produces superior finished quality that lasts.

Roll-over Nail Hem for Maximum Wind Resistance

Mother Nature can be vicious, so your siding has to be ready for the worst. Preservation Siding provides superior wind resistance protection thanks to its double thick rolled-over nail hem. It's been independently tested to withstand the shearing force of catastrophic category 5 hurricane-force winds.

Exclusive UltraBeam™ Construction

Unlike some vinyl siding that can sag, dent or fade over the years, Preservation High Performance Siding is manufactured and designed with the latest technologies and materials to keep your home beautiful and maintenance free for decades. Our unique UltraBeam™ design helps eliminate wavy lines and the look of uneven walls while providing superior finished quality that lasts.

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