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Insulated Glass Packages with SST Energy-Saving Foam Spacer System

Many windows are constructed with a metal spacer between the panes to give the insulating glass unit structural stability. However these metal edges conduct cold from the outside of your home at a rate up to 131% higher than the SST foam spacer. This can create condensation problems at the window edge, damaging woodwork and draperies.

Preservation Windows combine a structural foam spacer with a seal of hot melt butyl to create a "warm" non-conductive edge, so Preservation Windows virtually eliminate condensation. And, the SST warm-edge spacer design also minimizes the subtle movement of glass panes caused by changes in temperature, helping to prevent seal failure and reducing stress on the glass panes.


  • Exclusive, patented, true warm-edge
  • Patented double seal system
  • Up to 66% more thermally efficient at the edge of glass than windows made with conventional aluminum spacers
  • Up to 18% improved sound absorption over traditional spacers
  • Over 8 times less conductive than aluminum box spacers
  • Reduces the chance of seal failure
  • Helps to lower energy costs
  • Tested and proven durability

A Lifetime Limited, Transferable Warranty - including glass breakage, backs all Preservation High-Performance Vinyl Replacement Windows.

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