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4 Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows in Summer

Energy-efficient windows can benefit homeowners year-round, including the hot summer months. From improved indoor comfort to reduced energy consumption, we explore the seasonal advantages of investing in energy-efficient windows. Here are four ways energy-efficient windows could benefit your household this summer: 

1. Cool Down Your Home

Energy-efficient windows can help turn your home into a comfortable retreat from the heat. In summer, energy-efficient windows work as a thermal barrier to help keep warm air outside and cool air inside your home. High-performance windows are excellent insulators, especially when triple-glazed with a low-emissivity (Low-E) coating to reduce heat transfer. Preservation windows are available with insulated glass packages to create a tighter seal and provide greater efficiency.

2. Lessen Energy Consumption

Energy-efficient windows can help reduce home energy consumption, lowering heating and cooling costs. The less you rely on your HVAC system to cool your home, the more money you can save this summer. 

3. Reduce Interior Sun Damage

The sun’s UV rays can fade carpet, upholstery, and furniture. The Low-E coating of energy-efficient windows can help block these rays, protecting your home and contents. You can still enjoy natural light entering your home without the intense heat.

4. Increase Curb Appeal

Energy-efficient windows combine beauty and functionality. Preservation windows are available in multiple styles and architectural colors to complement your home. Elevate your home exterior with window accents such as grids or an elegant cut-glass design. 

Experience the benefits of energy-efficient windows with Preservaton’s ENERGY STAR®-certified vinyl replacement windows. Use the Preservation Visualizer to experiment with window styles and colors on your home and find the perfect design. 


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